Take Back Your Western Arkansas Home From Pests

Take Back Your Western Arkansas Home From Pests

effective flea control services in Van Buren, AR & surrounding areas

Uh, oh-it looks like Fido has fleas. If those parasites are making themselves at home in your carpets, hire a professional to get rid of them quickly.

You can count on Debugged Pest Solutions to eliminate all traces of a flea infestation from your home. We will:

  • Provide flea control service to eradicate adult fleas, eggs and larvae
  • Treat the area surrounding your house, or treat your full yard for an additional fee
  • Use the best flea control treatment available-ask us about our 30-day warranty

All you have to do to prepare for our flea control service is vacuum your home. Contact us today to schedule fast and effective pest control services at your Western Arkansas property.

Pests are no match for our roach control services

Dealing with cockroaches? Turn to Debugged Pest Solutions first. As part of our roach cleanout services, we will perform a three-part roach control treatment over a six-week period. You can rest easy knowing that our roach control service comes with a 60-day warranty.

Call us at 479-629-7243 today to speak with an exterminator in Van Buren, AR about your pest problems.